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Now more than ever, with our busy work environments and the increased pressure work teams are under, people can't waste time with miscommunications and team dissentions.  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is the leading instrument for creating awareness of individual communication preferences and behavior, upgrading leadership skills, and helping teams make decisions and work together more productively Contact me to learn how this workshop can specifically benefit you and your teams.

The MBTI® determines preferences on four dichotomies:
bulletExtraversion–Introversion (describes where people prefer to focus their attention and get their energy—from the outer world of people and activity or their inner world of ideas and experiences)
bulletSensing–Intuition (describes how people prefer to take in information—focused on what is real and actual or on patterns and meanings in data)
bulletThinking–Feeling (describes how people prefer to make decisions—based on logical analysis or guided by concern for their impact on others)
bulletJudging–Perceiving (describes how people prefer to deal with the outer world—in a planned orderly way, or in a flexible spontaneous way)

Combinations of these preferences result in 16 distinct personality types. Understanding the characteristics unique to each personality type provides insight on how individuals  communicate and interact with others.

Key Benefits

bulletUnderstand how each type impacts work situations
bulletImprove team communication by knowing how to persuade, explain to, and introduce change to each type
bulletHelp to match specific task assignments to each type
bulletSupply a framework in which team members can understand and better handle conflict
bulletHelp individuals understand how different perspectives and methods can lead to useful and effective problem solving
bulletMaximize your team's diversity in order to reach more useful and insightful conclusions

My workshops are fun, practical, and highly interactive, giving people additional tools to effectively communicate with their peers, their direct reports, and their bosses.  Months after I have given this workshop, employees are still using what they learned to interact more effectively and productively with one another!

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