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Conscious Dating: finding the Love of your life in today's world

"I used to think that finding a man who enjoys the things that I do - - - tennis, long walks, last-minute getaways, reading - - - was the ideal way to find the right match.  Boy was I wrong! Joyce’s class in conscience dating changed both my approach and outlook with dating. I now have the confidence, toolset and insight that will lead me to my life partner. " RT  (This Teleclass participant got married to the love of her life within 2 years of taking this class!)


Learn how to make better relationship choices so you can find the happiness you deserve. Conscious Dating will teach you skills you need to be happy and find love!


"Conscious Dating is fun, challenging, and supportive. Joyce guided us through a process of creating our life vision, formulating our requirements for a life partner based on that vision, and creating practical strategies for finding our ideal mate. A very worthwhile investment in personal growth!" EV

This 12-week class guides you through a process of self-discovery so that you'll be better prepared for your fulfilling, life-long, committed relationship. 

When: TBD, contact Joyce
Where: Over the telephone (very easy to attend)

Cost: $250
(12 weeks, 18 hours of class time)
Note:  Class size is restricted to no more than 10 participants to ensure sharing and participation
           Homework is assigned each week (reserve about an hour each week to get the full benefit)

Click here to register for the Teleclass  or for more information, contact Joyce Leonard at 831-0421-1877 or

"This class is invaluable. I was able to examine more critically both my own values and life purpose as well as my requirements and needs in a relationship. In addition, I was able to put into place an action plan for the future in order to ensure that I 'live' my requirements and life purpose on a daily basis. Joyce was incredibly supportive, positive, and professional. I strongly recommend this class to anyone who hopes to successfully navigate 'singledom'."  KL

Conscious Dating 12-Week Teleclass topics:
What Do I Want?
    - Explore your life fantasies and dreams
    - Identify your most important values and that which gives your life meaning and direction
    - Create a VISION of your ideal life and long-term relationship

Who Do I Want?
    - Understand what traits and behaviors you need in a relationship in order to be happy
    - Identify your core, non-negotiable requirements
    - Define what you want and need in a relationship in order for you to fulfill your life goals and dreams

 Am I Ready?
    - Recognize your positive and negative relationship history and patterns
    - Outline your personality traits and that of your future life-partner
    - Establish goals for living your ideal life, today, not in some distant future

Finding My Life Partner
    - Learn the four essential tools for singles:
              Scouting, Sorting, Screening, and Testing
    - Create your Conscious Dating plan
For more information, contact Joyce Leonard at 831-421-1877 or

“This Class helped me to hone in on the “must have” qualities that I desire in my right partner. The exercises in the class from week to week helped me frame aspects of who I am, made me look at the question of whether I am ready for a relationship, and have a clearer picture of who I want to attract into my life to be my right mate. It has given me tools that help me better discern whether a date is a good potential or not. It changed my “date conversations” to be more efficient in determining if I should go on the second date. This was a fruitful as well as an entertaining class in which I developed friendships with other women of all ages with a similar goal to find their right partner. It was well worth the investment. Joyce knows what she is doing and makes it fun.” KST

Finding the love of your life

The biggest change impacting relationships over the past 30-years is that we have developed a great need to be "happy."  This is a dramatic shift from our parents and grandparents, who's needs were to survive and achieve some measure of comfort and security. This need for happiness may sound quite simple and innocent, but it's the primary reason for failed relationships today. While we yearn to be happy in our relationships, we don't seem to know how.  Since we're one of the first generations to seek happiness, we have few role models in our lives.  Have you ever broken up with someone and had to explain to your parent that the reason you're not together anymore is because there was just something missing in the relationship, that you weren't happy?  "Happy?", your parent exclaims, "Who needs to be happy? They would have taken good care of you!"  In today's society, we can take care of ourselves, thank you very much. What we need is someone to share our passions with, someone who will help us reach our goals and dreams, someone who'll be our best friend and companion.

We want a fulfilling relationship but often choose partners who are not aligned with who we truly are and what we really want for our lives. We make unconscious choices based on looks, lifestyle, or initial sexual chemistry.  In order to be happy in a life-long relationship, we now need to make conscious choices based on what will fulfill us in the long run. We need to find a partner who is aligned with who we are and who will support us in creating what we want for our lives. Conscious Dating Teleclass offers sound guidance to help you discover what you really want in your life.

Click here to register for the Teleclass  or for more information, contact Joyce Leonard at 831-421-1877 or

Contact Joyce Leonard on 831-421-1877 or at