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                                   Joyce Leonard   

Based on a 25-year Gallup Organization study of over 1 million employees and 80,000 managers in over 400 companies, it is found that:

bulletTalented employees need GREAT managers
bulletTalented employees may join a company because of it's CEO, its generous benefits, and world class training programs, but how long that employee stays and how productive s/he is while there is determined by the relationship with his/her immediate boss
bulletThe most valuable aspect of a manager's job is in creating and building relationships with their employees

Effective communication is key to achieving bottom line business results, customer satisfaction, and    employee retention.  In my twenty-two years in a Fortune 500 company, I have seen some managers and leaders move mountains and others drown entire organizations—all due to how they communicate.

I will work with you to improve your communication skills, style, and format, engage and motivate your teams and employees, have better working relationships with your teammates, and increase your overall effectiveness and productivity. 

My skills and expertise are delivered through a variety of formats: one-on-one  coaching (in-person or over the telephone), team meetings, group facilitation, seminars and workshops, and speaking engagements.  All my coaching and presentations are customized to meet your specific needs.  Here are my specialties:

Areas of Expertise

bulletImproving team and individual performance
bulletDeveloping the overall effectiveness of managers
bulletEnhancing communication skills
bulletImproving the ways teams function and interact
bulletIncreasing commitment, creativity, and focus
bulletChanging the culture of a department or organization
bulletGetting organized, managing time, and saying "No"
bulletAttracting, engaging, and retaining the best employees
bulletReducing stress

Who I Work With

Working for over 20 years directly in Fortune 500 companies, I have learned the challenges and realities of the fast-paced, results oriented business environment.

I am passionate about working with executive directors, mid-level managers, team leads, and supervisors.  You really feel the crunch of both top management and your direct reports.  My business and coaching experience  will help you to get better results without working so hard!

If you are in any of the areas listed below, I'd love to work with you:

bulletCall Centers
bulletProject Management
bulletProduct Marketing
bulletAdministrative Staff
bulletGroup Manager
bulletLeadership Teams
bulletProgram Management
bulletSupport Organizations
bulletOffice Manager
bulletCustomer Satisfaction/Care
bulletInside Sales
bulletTeam Lead
bulletHuman Resources
bulletExecutive Director

Didn't see your area?  Call me and I'll see what I can do for you!

Contact me for a complimentary session: 831-336-8073 or

Click here to see my book on Remarkable Management Skills

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Some of the businesses and organizations who have worked with Joyce include Sparkfire Seminars, Verizon Wireless, California Financial Advisors, the Women in Leadership Network, Pacific Bell/SBC, and the Institute of Management Accountants.

Contact Joyce Leonard on 831-336-8073 or at