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A Guide To Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills

I had the incredible opportunity to co-author a book on management skills and it was published in October, 2002.  I’m very excited to share this with you!  My chapter, The Art of Saying ‘No’, really rings true for corporate managers The table of contents is below—take a look and see if you’d like a few copies.  It would make an excellent gift for you, your teams, and fellow managers!  Let me know what you think.

A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills is available for $14.95, plus postage. 

How to Become a Remarkable Manager—
Successful Business Coaches Share Their Secrets!
Table of Contents (176 pages, paperback)
 Enlarging the Lives of Others by Marilyn Schwader
       The greatest of these is love
       Integrity is an inside job
       Serve each other
       Do unto others                 
       Remember the little things

Soft Skills Don’t Have to Be Hard by Connie de Veer
Conjuring the “hidden springs”
Holding powerful space: belief, intention, and allowing
Trust: the touchstone of team-building
The fool’s wisdom: fanning the creative fire
In form and moving
Questions to process and de-brief

The Art of Saying ‘No” by Joyce Leonard
Say ‘No’ and keep your personal time
Say ‘No’ to a packed schedule and have time to work on the business
Say ‘’No’ to attending every meeting that you’re asked to join
Say ‘No’ to becoming tougher to be a more effective manager

Excuses: the Opiate of the Unsuccessful—Responsibility Revisited and Redefined by Schuyler Morgan
Responsibility is a choice
Responsibility: the core of emotional intelligence
The critical role of optimism
Responsibility means no excuses
Responsibility as defined on two dimensions
Results vs. activities
Responsibility and maturity
Responsibility is relative
Building a river of responsibility
Having and living by values people respect
Corporate responsibility

A Leadership Culture: The Heart of High Performance Organizations by Shariann Tom, John Vercelli, and Mai Vu
Living in a leadership culture
The business case for a leadership culture
Another human link: customer satisfaction and loyalty
Foundations of a leadership culture
Remarkable management skills
The road to success

CULTURE-vating by Duane Reed
The 6 C’s

Becoming a Remarkable Manager by Chuck Schultz
Values/shared vision
Strategic thinking/results focus 

Tools for the Millennium Manager by Claire Walsh
Top mistakes managers make and remedies to avoid them
#1: Lacks clear boundaries
#2: Fails to provide support
#3: Communicates poorly
#4: Needs to be right
#5: Steps over problems

Lighting the Fire Within by Ursula Pottinga
Getting clear about the culture you want to create
Being a role model to your employees
Overcoming your barriers and defenses
Building trust and influencing others
Lighting the fire within 

Communicating From Your Heart for Empowered Partnership by Margie Summerscales Heiler
Build a partnership
Listen to your intuition
Never give up
Communicate with trust and respect
Actively engage in your partnerships and relationships
Establish goals to eliminate confusion
You are responsible for your results 

A great gift!

A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills is available for $14.95, plus postage. 

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